In-person presentation: Text upload: max. 600 words, plus images.
Virtual presentation: Text upload: max. 400 words, plus images.
Poster presentation: Image upload: jpg file (not necessarily the final version)
Please send us your full paper and related documents via e-mail.

In-person presentation:
- Images and tables will be uploaded separately, with the actual size and 200 dpi resolution. They have to be named according to the surname of the contact person and the name of the image as indicated in the document. “contactpersonimage1.jpg” or “contactpersontable1.xlsx”
- Please DO NOT place images or tables in the word file, just inform us the place of the image or table. While referring tables and images in text, please use the document name of the table or image. For example, Image 1 should have been named as contactpersonimage1.jpg –respectively contactpersontable1.xlsx.
- Length: Up to 12 pages including title, name, main text, references. (If you need extra space, please inform us beforehand). CV and contact details will be submitted separately.
- The text must be in English.
- Font for the whole document: Calibri. Font size for the whole document: 10 pt.
- Margins: Top: 2 cm; Bottom: 2 cm; Right: 2.5 cm; Left: 2.5 cm
- Paper size: 24 x 16,5 cm
- Line spacing: Single. 
- Alignment: Left
- Left Indent (First line): 0,5 cm.
- No space after or before paragraphs
- Use italics for non-English words, to emphasize text, and for all kinds of titles (books, plays, movies, and newspapers). Do not use italics for names of persons or organizations, or for geographical terms. Titles in italics are not put between quotation marks.
- Use single quotation marks for quotes. Use double quotation marks only for quotes inside quotes.
- Quotes up to two sentences are integrated in the text. Quotes longer than two sentences have to be set apart in a separate paragraph with the same formatting. Use italics for quotes.
- For referencing and bibliography instructions use Harvard System for Referencing (no footnotes or endnotes for references, use brackets while referring to a source) see or    
for referencing guide.
Virtual presentation: Max. size of 2 GB and length of 15 minutes sharp, in Video format (.avi, .mpeg, .mov). Powerpoint persentations without voice-over speech will not be accepted.
In addition to this, you will need to submit a full paper up to 8 pages according to the same guidelines as in-person presentation for prooceedings. The full paper and the virtual presentation shall be submitted according to their respective deadlines. 
Poster presentation: A1 format; vertical; ONLY *.jpg file. No formal restrictions, but please do not use too small font sizes.